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Preferred by designers around the globe

Vectorworks by Nemetschek: Modelling & Visualization

One flexible solution for your entire design process. Sketch, draw, and model in a fully integrated BIM workflow. Vectorworks software presents a purpose-built set of tools to all your visions.

Solidworks by Dassault Systemes: Design & Manufacturing

It is a powerful,  but easy-to-use solution that helps drive innovation while covering all aspects of your product development process, regardless of the size of your business, industry, or preferred platform.

Rhinoceros By McNeel: Modelling

Rhino can manage NURBS curves, surfaces and solids, point clouds and polygonal meshes. With Rhino there is no limit of complexity, grade or size. Feel free to design objects and organic shapes with Grasshopper, an algorithmic language to generate parametric designs.

VRay by ChaosGroup: Visualization

Photo Realistic, powerful and fast render engine. Creative control in real time and intelligent integration with market leading software. The industry standard.

Lumion: Visualization

Lumion empowers architects to transform their CAD designs into strikingly beautiful renders in seconds. Whether you model in SketchUp, Revit, 3ds Max, Rhino or many others, Lumion instantly breathes life into your designs

Keyshot by Luxion: Visualization

Everything you need to create fast, accurate and amazing visuals. Featuring a real-time 3D rendering workflow, see results instantly and reduce the time it takes to create that perfect shot. Creating interactive product visuals or sales and marketing imagery has never been easier.

Kubity: Visualization

Visualize, explore and presents 3D models on desktop, web, and on-the-go with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Instantly share with anyone over text, social media, or device-to-device by scanning the dedicated QR code with the mobile or tablet.

form•Z by AutoDesSys: Modelling & Visualization

form·Z’s ability to combine solid and surface modelling has made it a favorite in multiple design fields that engage in the articulation of 3D forms and spaces. Available for the Mac and Windows, it adds interoperability between the two platforms as it allows users to open their files on either one.

Maxon Cinema 4D: Visualization

Professional 3D package for your needs. If you want to create advanced 3D graphics but need a helping hand to ensure you create jaw-dropping graphics quickly and easily, then Cinema 4D is the choice for you. Despite being designed for advanced 3D, the extra tools found in Cinema 4D Studio are still designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Maxon Redshift: Visualization

Redshift is the world’s first fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer. It is used in production by leading studios around the world because of its blazingly-fast GPU rendering – as much as 10 to 50 times faster than CPU rendering.

Maxon Red Giant: Modelling & Visualization

Redgiant is a complete set of modelling and visualization tools at an affordable price, save money compared to traditional perpetual licences.

Metashape by Agisoft: Photogrammetry

Photogrammetric processing of digital images and 3D spatial data generation.

ZBrush by Pixologic: Modelling & Visualization

 An art tool created by artists, for artists. It allows you to create models and illustrations limited only by your imagination, at a speed that allows you to stand out in today’s fast paced industry.

ZWCad: Modelling & Visualization

A powerful, reliable and DWG compatible CAD solution. One affordable ZWCAD guarantees lifelong design quality and productivity.


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