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Understanding your data is the first step in reaching your business’s full potential. We have the solutions to get you there. 



Our lineup of products helps our customers spot trends, solve problems, and discover valuable insights in their data. 

Powerful statistical software everyone can use to solve the toughest business challenges.

Make informed and confident decisions with this data access, automation, and dashboarding solution.

Start, track, manage and share improvement initiatives to achieve business excellence.

Elevate your work with the ultimate toolkit to clearly visualize, optimize and map your business value.

Develop predictive, descriptive, and analytical models on this highly accurate and ultra-fast platform.

Next level automated quality monitoring and statistical process control in real-time.

Master statistics and Minitab anywhere, anytime with this e-learning course.​

Bridge the gap between model creation and model production with a simple, yet powerful MLOps platform.


Minitab provides targeted solutions for professionals and students across different disciplines, industries and functions.


Card 1 Analytics Statistical Analysis Hover

Statistical Analysis

Market leading, flexible and user-friendly statistical software that helps explore and investigate data.

Card 2 Solutions Predictive Analytics Machine Learning Hover

Data Science & Machine Learning

A powerful, easy-to-use modular platform to bring out the data scientist in everyone. 

Card 3 Solutions Business Analytics Intelligence Hover

Business Analytics & Intelligence

Dashboards, visualizations and analytical tools for reporting and intelligent decision-making.

Card 4 Solutions Statistical Process Control Hover

Statistical Process Control

Visual process monitoring, immediate alerts, and improvement analytics to detect process failures before they occur.

Key Capabilities

Card 1 Solutions Continuous Improvement Hover

Continuous Improvement

Solutions built specifically for continuous improvement across all disciplines, including Lean, Kaizen, Design for Six Sigma, and Quality Functional Deployment.

Card 2 Solutions Data Migration Data Prep Hover

Data Integration & Data Prep

Best-in-class tools to create a powerful data warehouse and quickly prepare data for analysis and delivery.

Card 3 Solutions Diagramming Mind Mapping Hover

Diagramming & Mind Mapping

All the tools needed to brainstorm, diagram, create flow charts, and present ideas in a visually appealing way.

Card 5 Solutions Model Ops Hover

Model Deployment & ML Ops

Deployment, monitoring and governance of predictive models to facilitate successful ML projects.


Card 4 Industry Energy Resources Hover

Energy and Natural Resources

Monitor and improve the performance of your business to increase yields, optimize pricing, and reduce costs. 

Card 2 Industry Healthcare Hover


Improve patient outcomes and safety and predict future trends to stay on top of budget and quality of care. 

Card 1 Industry Manufacturing Hover

Manufacturing & Industrial

Increase production yields and quality and bring products to market faster with proactive and predictive solutions.

Card 3 Industry Service Industries


Optimize business efficiency and increase service satisfaction with analysis and problem-solving tools.


Card 2 Role Engineering Hover


A problem-solving ecosystem that provides access to data, integration and analysis tools along with project management and execution solutions.

Card 3 Role Analytics Hover

Business Analysts

Advanced business intelligence solutions that automate insights and uncover risks and opportunities.

Card 4 Role IT Hover

Information Technology

Low and no-code solutions that drive business objectives and meet security and infrastructure needs.

Card 1 Role Operations Hover

Supply Chain

Solutions built to identify areas of improvement and pinpoint changes to optimize inventory, eliminate backorders, and operate more efficiently.

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