Think and create. All in one visual workspace.

Miro is your team’s collaborative online workspace.


Next big thing? No big deal. Three simple keys to the future.

Strategize & plan

Ensure continuous alignment with customer needs and company strategy. Define goals and initiatives, visualize priorities and dependencies, and finally, watch your plans pay off. Everything is easier when you never run out of space.

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Design customer-centric solutions

Foster a customer-centric mindset and build a mutual team space, where everyone can capture insights, structure them with diagrams and tables, and share it all in a central spot.

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Develop your products & services

Accelerate time to market with a full suite of capabilities designed for innovation, including diagramming, real-time data visualization, and workshop facilitation. Miro also gives you built-in support for common product development processes, with agile practices like estimation and retrospectives.

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Connect your entire company in a single, secure platform

With enterprise-grade security at its core, Miro helps organizations approach a Zero Trust Security philosophy. We offer advanced security integrations, robust data residency, governance solutions for sensitive data, and an accessibility program targeting Level AA Success Criteria of WCAG 2.1.


Unlock faster, more engaged and more productive feedback cycles for deep collaborative work. By bringing together slides, real-time data visualizations, action items, and diagrams, you’ll have everything you need to make good decisions, collected on a single board.


One user-friendly, intuitive workspace to visualize complex systems, ideas, and organizational structures, allowing teams to: get started faster, automate time-consuming tasks, and bring products and software to market more efficiently.

Miro Assist helps you to automate tedious tasks and expand your thinking when ideating and creating. Leveraging the latest models, Miro Assist speeds up work, so that teams can focus on analysis, driving alignment, and execution.

Speed up delivery and improve outcomes by visualizing complex projects at a glance. Understand relationships and dependencies between tasks using dynamic visual aids such as Miro Cards, Kanbans, and Flow Charts, as well as integrations with popular task management tools including Smartsheet, Monday.com, Asana, ClickUp, Jira, and Azure DevOps.

Miro’s built-in capabilities for lo-fi wireframing, estimations, dependency mapping, private retrospectives, and scaled product planning are complemented by a powerful two-way sync with Jira to manage end-to-end workflows in a visual and collaborative surface.

Visualize the big picture, share context, and make better decisions. From documentation to designs, survey results, videos, and live data, you can easily aggregate synced information from across your tech stack into a Miro board. All you need to do is to leverage our powerful integrations through Miro smart links.

Six core capabilities. Six ways to accelerate innovation.

Miro offers sophisticated bundles of capabilities built for all stages of innovation, from diagramming to workshops to code reviews, in a single integrated workspace designed for large-scale collaboration, eliminating tool silos and costs.

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Connect your entire company and develop the next big idea

Companies of all sizes are already innovating and realizing their ideas faster than ever. 99% of Fortune 100 companies trust Miro for their enterprise-grade security.



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