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Aufiservices, a division of Aufiero Informática, is an integral service that offers specialized technological solutions for companies in the field of architecture, engineering and design. Its focus is based on four main pillars: AufiDesk, AuViz, Virtual Classroom, Courses and Training.
In summary, Aufiservices is an integral service that provides technological solutions in remote rendering, modeling and 3D rendering, virtual classes and training courses. Its objective is to improve the efficiency, productivity and communication of companies in the fields of architecture, engineering and design, adapting to the specific needs of each client.

Improve the Learning Experience

The rapid changes that have driven the digital transformation in business and education require more agile methodologies and tools that allow us to continue innovating and offering better services.

This is why, in order to provide continuity for the learning and continuity of the companies, we present the virtual classes of Aufidesk that connect the work teams so that they are part of the future.

¿Why hire Aufidesk?

We offer high-performance machines where you could make your renders based on CPU AND GPU in the cloud and obtain realistic and higher quality results since the image quality improves when having powerful graphics cards.

Enhance your projects with Auviz

Taking into account more than 20 years of experience, we decided to add to our clients the opportunity to acquire BIM, modeling and rendering services with us.

I create a model in Sketchup and there is no way to render it? Don’t worry, we do it.
You would like to share the project with your client using virtual reality. Why not? AuViz helps you make it possible.

Courses and Trainings

In this section you will find information about the courses and training we offer. Our courses are designed to help you acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve your career goals.


Solidworks Integral Course

Learn about the areas of SOLIDWORKS software and gain the knowledge to be certified as a professional user.


4-Day Training Schedule - Keyshot 2023

Get to know the KEYSHOT software areas with this unmissable 4-day training agenda.

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Vectorworks Course

In this course we will explore the wonders of 2D and 3D design with one of the most powerful and versatile tools on the market: Vectorworks.


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