Aufiero Informática

Who are we?

Aufiero Informática

is an innovative company that offers the best 3D design and rendering solutions and cybersecurity for companies, educational institutions and clients. It has more than 20 years of experience in the software distribution market in Latin America.

With a portfolio that integrates more than 30 brands and about 50 products, in addition to its excellent team of professionals who act as support and sales consultancy throughout the region. Aufiero Informática not only distributes software, it also offers training, consultancy, marketing, and business services, in addition to a series of initiatives such as free webinars, product demonstrations, Tech support, etc.

Aufiero Informatica has a reseller program that offers incredible benefits to its associates, in order to generate business opportunities.

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What we do?

Software Distribution

We are authorized software distributors for Latin America of a very interesting portfolio of brands for different vertical markets.


We have training programs for clients and companies by our Sale Engineers, in the areas of cybersecurity and 3D design to enhance their capabilities.

Software Advisory And Consultancy

Covering all the enterprise needs regarding Cybersecurity, BIM, modeling and rendering softwares.

IT Support - Help Desk

Our IT team solves everything related to technical problems, when installing the license or during the use of it.


Become a Partner

Our reseller program is a great business opportunity that offers you great benefits in addition to profits. You will have the support of a trained sales team, technical-commercial training, technical support, commercial support and much more.



Our Project-based learning is an instructional approach designed to give professionals the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills through engaging projects set around challenges and problems they may face in the real world.
Our experienced coaches will guide you through a new way of work & learn.


Virtual Embassy For Your Brand In Latam

We provide sales efforts, product demonstrations, marketing resources, financial tools and technical support to make customers feel your brand as local

How we can help you?.

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