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Open iT: Software asset manager and IT chargeback

Open iT provides advanced metering and reporting solutions to help companies and institutions make smarter decisions on managing engineering software licenses.

We are Dedicated to Optimizing IT Assets

Open iT Software Suite offers solutions for metering, analyzing and optimizing the usage of technical and engineering software tools to generic applications, servers, storage, databases and services across an entire organization. It is built on a client/server infrastructure and includes advanced reporting tool mechanism.

License Analyzer 2020

License Analyzer 2020

Primary tool for software usage metering, analysis, and optimization for all business and technical applications

Level 1 - Runtime Usage

This includes real-time monitoring and historical reporting on a wide range of on-premise and Cloud applications, proactive alerts, and customizable dashboards.


Level 2 - True Active Usage

This level includes all the features of Level 1, and it also meters the activity levels of all applications (standalone or server-based, Cloud or on-premise) to determine whether the applications are truly being actively used.


Level 3 - Managed Usage

This level expands the capabilities of Levels 1 and 2 to provide better control in managing license resources by uncovering and terminating or suspending applications that are not in active use.

Point Solutions

Technical and Engineering Applications

Similar to LicenseAnalyzer2020 but dedicated to analyzing license usage from a specific vendor

Analyzer for ANSYS® Software

Helps ANSYS users manage their resources investment and ensures maximum utilization and ROI of these valuable assets.


Analyzer for Autodesk® Licensing

Helps cut software license costs and reduce wastage on license usage by monitoring activity levels of Autodesk applications.


Analyzer for MathWorks® Licensing

Helps in maximizing the usage of MathWorks software licenses, resulting in value optimization and improved user productivity.


Analyzer for any of the supported applications

Click here to see list of supported applications.


Dedicated to Analyzing Storage and Grid Computing environments



Monitoring a wide variety of system resources with extension for metering distributed grid computing environments.



Monitoring a wide variety of system resources with extension for metering distributed grid computing environments.

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