Security Scorecard: Risk Management

SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only service with over a million companies continuously rated. Our mission is make the world a safer place by transforming the way companies understand, improve and communicate cybersecurity risk to their boards, employees, and vendors.

More than 1,000,000 qualified companies

Understand and reduce risk with the world’s most comprehensive and scalable cybersecurity rating platform.

See what a hacker sees.

Sophisticated cyberattacks that are constantly emerging threaten your business every minute of every day. SecurityScorecard instantly identifies vulnerabilities, active exploits and advanced cyber threats to help you rigorously protect your business and strengthen your security posture, from an outside perspective, allowing you to see what a hacker sees.

Supplier risk management

Get instant visibility into the security posture of your vendors and business partners. We enable companies to take control of risk across their ecosystem by continuously monitoring internal systems and vendor environments.

Executive level reporting

Effectively report your cybersecurity risk to the Board and the C-Suite. Have more productive conversations about cyber risk in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. Create a common language and reporting framework that is easily understandable across your organization.

Self appraisal

Company visibility is often restricted to an inside view of the security posture. Our platform allows you to discover, monitor and report on the eHealth of your IT infrastructure from the outside in, to see what a hacker sees.

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