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Course Solidworks

Solidworks Integral Course

Beginners Level – 9 lessons of 1h
Languages: Only available in Spanish

What you will learn

This is a comprehensive training designed to teach you the skills necessary to master the Solidworks computer-aided design (CAD) software.

We will cover sketching, features, equations, mass properties, assemblies and mates.

Learn the areas of SOLIDWORKS software and gain the knowledge to become certified as a professional user (CSWP Certified).


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Course content

3 sections – 9 classes – 9 hours of total duration

SKETCH – 2hs (total)

CLASS 1 – 1h
Sketch Entities

CLASS 2 – 1h
Sketch Operations

ITEM – 5hs (total)

CLASE 3 – 1h

CLASS 4 – 1h
Operations / Exit angle matrix

CLASS 5 – 1h
Tools / References

CLASS 6 – 1h

CLASS 7 – 1h
Multibody Parts

ASSEMBLY – 2hs (total)

CLASS 8 – 1h

CLASS 9 – 1h

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