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DeskAlerts: Desk Alert Software

For Critical Information Delivery
Send alerts to any corporate device: PCs, phones, tablets, etc. The high visibility combined with our 100% open rate guarantee means you can be sure your employees get the message and it won’t be skipped or ignored.

What's DeskAlerts Alerting Software?

DeskAlerts Alerting Software is a special system that allows for the transmission of information to a large number of people effectively and guarantees to catch attention of receivers without causing any disturbances.  This powerful desk alert software lets you quickly communicate with everyone in your workplace about current or planned tasks, taking pressure off your IT department or help desk without relying on email.

You can instantly tell who has seen and read your messages and gather statistics that you can use to demonstrate your communication efforts.

A Wide Range of Communication Tools

Desktop Alerts

Messages appear as a pop-up window on your employees’ desktop monitors

Mobile Apps

Your employees can receive notifications straight to their Android or iOS devices

SMS Notifications

Wherever your employees are, you can send them an SMS alert with news from your company

Digital Signage

Utilize LCD, LED and projection displays within your organization to promote your campaigns

Real-Time Mass Notification

Deliver over 10000 messages in 1-2 seconds

Corporate Screensavers

Turn Screens Into Billboards. Display the target-oriented content

Surveys/ Polls/ Quizzes

Send questions straight to screens and get results in real time


Coordinate attendance at corporate events by sending and managing invites

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