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Windows 365 is your PC in the cloud

It gives employees everything they need to be productive anywhere and on any device.

For MySMEs.
Personal de primera linea.


Empower employees wherever they work
Focus on your team and your business with optimized management of your PCs in the cloud.


Help employees stay productive by giving them their personalized Windows experience on any device.


Protect yourself against security risks and offer better data protection with compliant cloud PCs.

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Any device can be a PC in the cloud

Get a complete and fully customized Windows experience on any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device.

Accelerate business success with Windows 11 Pro

Powerful protection by default

Powerful protection right out of the box for a 58% reduction in security incidents.

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Log in easily and securely

With Windows Hello for Business passwordless sign-in, you can sign in to your computer with your face, fingerprint or PIN instead of a password.

Simple and compatible

Windows 11 supports the broadest ecosystem of applications, peripherals and devices. With 99.7% application compatibility, you can upgrade productivity while using your existing apps and accessories.

Keep up with evolving threats.

Prioritize productivity and rely on a secure, enterprise-ready foundation. Find out why organizations reported 3.1 times fewer firmware attacks.



Office is now Microsoft 365 Find the plan that's right for you.

Your productivity cloud for work and life

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Windows Server solutions in the cloud and on-premises environment

Your trusted operating system for 30 years

Windows Server is the platform for creating an infrastructure of connected applications, networks and web services. As a Windows Server administrator, you’ve helped achieve business goals by keeping the infrastructure protected, available and flexible. Windows Server has laid the foundation for the Microsoft ecosystem and continues to power the hybrid cloud network today.

File servers are the most common servers in the world.

Windows Server file servers host billions of files on millions of clients for file storage and retrieval with integrated scale. Security, quotas, backup, replication and recovery are built into the operating system.

Advanced multilayer security
Hybrid functionalities with Azure Arc
Flexible application platform
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