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Solidworks by Dassault Systemes: Design & Manufacturing

It is a powerful,  but easy-to-use solution that helps drive innovation while covering all aspects of your product development process, regardless of the size of your business, industry, or preferred platform.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Drive design innovation

Supporting your 3D Printing business. Materialise Software provides companies with a platform of software tools that manage and control the 3D printing process more efficiently, allowing you to meet the highest standards of the most demanding industries. We provide you with a solid foundation on which to expand and realize your full potential.


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions enable you and your team to quickly transform your new ideas into products.


Simulation solutions for SOLIDWORKS® provide a portfolio of easy-to-use analysis tools that allow you to predict the physical behavior of a product in the real world by virtual testing of CAD models.


SOLIDWORKS® data management solutions offer a wide range of applications with functions to quickly and efficiently manage data files and documentation to maximize productivity and improve product quality.

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